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Marc Travanti, visual and martial artist, and Howard Katz, dancer and choreographer, first collaborated in 1990 to produce "The Man Who Stood For Nothing" and "Indivisible", both multimedia performances featuring the integration of martial arts, visual arts and dance. Ten years later they reunited and co-created BudoFlux, an art and performance group combining elements of art and dance with the physical, psychological and strategic elements of the martial arts. Budo is a Japanese word meaning “the martial way” or “the way of a warrior.” It refers to the principles and techniques of karate, jujitsu, judo, tai chi, aikido and kendo: With strong connections to Zen Buddhism, budo also pertains to the intellectual and emotional struggles that occur daily. Flux is a reference to Fluxus Art, the international conceptual art movement that began in the 1960s. Nihilistic and often humorous, it leans toward disorder, anarchy, spontaneity and ephemerality. Like budo, Fluxus has connections to Zen; suppression of the individual ego, concern with the banality of existence and a penchant for activities that jolt ones reality.